The Recreational Sports Journal (RSJ) serves to advance understanding of the role collegiate recreation plays within higher education. The RSJ publishes peer-reviewed manuscripts relevant to the holistic impact of collegiate recreation as well as the critical areas outlined by the NIRSA Research Agenda. The RSJ encourages empirical, theoretical, and applied submissions for publication and is supported by the NIRSA Foundation.

Due to mid-term vacancies and retirements, multiple positions are currently available on the 20-person Recreational Sports Journal Editorial Board! Interested members can apply to serve by completing an application by the Friday, August 14 deadline.

RSJ editors are assigned manuscripts on a regular basis to review through the online ScholarOne Manuscript platform which is managed through SAGE Publishing.  If appointed, members will serve the remaining portion of a three-year term, which ends on April 30, 2023. All RSJ Editorial Board members must maintain professional NIRSA membership during the entirety of their appointment. If you’re interested in applying but have additional questions, please feel free to reach out.

Associate Professor at University of New Hampshire | NIRSA Profile

Bob Barcelona is current an associate professor at the University of New Hampshire. He serves as editor-in-chief on the Recreational Sports Journal Editorial Board.