It’s three months into the year and many of us would agree that we’ve hit a speedbump. The energy from the start of a new year and a new semester has faded and we’re feeling the toll of the everyday grind. Rather than staying stuck in this slump, join #RecChat on Wednesday, March 18 at 3:00pm EST for a conversation on self-care and wellbeing!

We’re asking the NIRSA community questions about promoting self-care and wellbeing programming, utilizing resources on campus, and incorporating wellbeing into work life. Share what your program is doing on campus and what you do for yourself by joining the conversation on Twitter or Instagram. Whether you’re looking to show off what your program is doing, looking for ideas from other NIRSA institutions, or finding ways to improve your personal wellbeing, this conversation is for you.

Joining the chat is easy. Simply log into Twitter or Instagram on Wednesday, March 18 at 3:00pm and respond to the prompted questions from @RecChat—make sure to use the #RecChat hashtag if you’re responding on Twitter. You can follow along by viewing responses from NIRSA members, asking them questions, and engaging with them online. Whether you’re a first-time chatter or a #RecChat veteran, this conversation is guaranteed to be a good one.


Competitive Sports Coordinator at West Virginia University | NIRSA Profile

Stephanie Calhoun is currently the Competitive Sports Coordinator at West Virginia University. She serves on the #RecChat Committee.