From large corporations to family-run businesses, to companies owned and run by women, minorities, or veterans, our NIRSA family’s associate members comprise a vast array of businesses and nonprofit organizations. Campus recreation is a big industry, and we’re excited to announce new, tiered associate member pricing to help empower groups large and small to support the Association.

Annual associate membership for for-profit companies costs $525, and we’re thrilled to begin offering a discounted annual membership of $350 to nonprofits, start-up businesses, and consultants. NIRSA Board Members Victoria Lopez-Herrera and Cara Lucia, Ph.D, championed the way the new pricing scheme supports non-traditional associate members.

“I am proud of the dialogue we engaged in to examine our practices from diverse perspectives and create a more inclusive policy,” Victoria says. “Collegiate recreation is a diverse field, and we have a responsibility to engage in work that provides equitable access to the opportunities and offerings of the Association.”

Do you know a former NIRSA professional members moving off campus and into the business world? Associate membership is perfect for former pros wanting to stay in the family and support the Association as a consultant or new company.

NIRSA strives to be inclusive of all types of organizations, and the new tiered pricing for associate members is another opportunity for us to live our strategic values and promote inclusivity among all of our members—individual, corporate, or nonprofit.

“Living out our values is not only the responsibility of our members on their respective campuses but our responsibility as an Association to integrate strategic values into our business practices,” Cara says. “I believe this is an opportunity for us to infuse what we value in the business we conduct.”


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Heidi Hurley is the Director of Corporate Relations and Business Development at NIRSA.

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Kelley Hungerford is currently the NIRSA Expo and Corporate Relations Coordinator at NIRSA.