NIRSA’s Government Affairs Committee stays up-to-date on the latest federal and state policy and legislative news through a variety of scanning tools. One particular resource they use is the bi-weekly Policy Pages provided by Active Policy Solutions. (For more on this partnership, along with other SAHEC associations, have with Active Policy Solutions, see below.)

The policy issues included in the Policy Pages document are highlights of a point in time. They are by no means exhaustive and change continually – so matters discussed in the last issue normally will not carry over to the next unless there is some updated action to be discussed.

The Committee encourages NIRSA members to keep themselves informed on federal and state policy issues affecting their work as professionals on campuses. These issues could be specific to higher education, physical activity, or NIRSA’s strategic value areas. If you have an issue that is of concern to your campus, reach out the Government Affairs Committee.

Policy Page documents will be stored, as a resource for NRISA members, in the NIRSA Connect Community library. You can find them within the “Member Benefits” folder in a subfolder titled “Federal and State Policy Pages.”

Full SAHEC Policy Pages

In this issue:

Government Updates


  • Senate Appropriations Committee expected to take up bill to fund the Departments of Labor, HHS, and Education


  • Student borrower protections finalized by U.S. Department of Education

Federal Legislation

  • A bill to amend the Federal work-study program to include child development and early learning as community services (HR 4196) introduced
  • Student and Taxpayer Protection Act (HR 4206) introduced

State & Local Government


  • New concussion survey reveals high concussion fear among Arizona parents and teenagers


  • California bill that would allow homeless students to sleep in cars overnight at community colleges passes committee
  • California now providing first-time students with two years of free tuition at community colleges
  • California initiatives underway for low-cost, free textbooks for college students


  • Standardized hazing reporting form to go into effect for Louisiana colleges


  • New Texas laws affect Title IX landscape on college campuses

Education and Schools News

  • College campus crisis response improvement ideas shared in interview with experienced higher education administrator
  • College Board “adversity score” plans to be revised away from single score as tool in admissions on SATs
  • Top 5 issues college leaders will address this year, as reported by Education Dive

Health and Wellness News

  • Depression and anxiety are rising among U.S. college students

Civil Rights News

  • New policy at University of Wisconsin-Madison will create more gender-inclusive restrooms on campus

Other News

  • NCAA updates its sexual violence prevention tool kit
  • Team sports can help mental health, researchers say

Full SAHEC Policy Pages

About NIRSA’s partnership with Active Policy Solutions

As an association, NIRSA strives to monitor and track policy and legislative issues with the potential to impact our members or the campus communities they serve. These issues are wide ranging and may pertain to higher education, employment law, physical fitness, or our strategic values areas.

NIRSA has joined with a subset of SAHEC members (ACUHO-I, ACPA, ASCA, NASPA, and NIRSA) in hiring Active Policy Solutions to assist with monitoring, tracking, analyzing, and determining appropriate action on issues relevant to our associations. Through our partnership with SAHEC, NIRSA continues to monitor policy, legislation, and advocacy work that affects both the higher education and physical activity space. Active Policy Solutions provides government relations and advocacy support to NIRSA and the Association’s SAHEC partners.

  • For more information, please contact NIRSA Director of Advocacy & Strategic Partnerships Erin O’Sullivan.
  • Want to share with your colleagues how this proposed legislation might impact your campus? Pitch us your ideas.
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Erin O'Sullivan is currently the Director of Advocacy & Strategic Partnerships at NIRSA.