Looking to get involved with a NIRSA Championship Series flag football tournament? Well, you’re in luck—three applications are now open! The Series is looking forward to another great flag football season starting in October; however, nothing can really happen until we’ve locked down our leaders for the year. For the 2019 flag football season there will be twelve NIRSA regional tournaments across the country offering several opportunities for NIRSA members to step up and be a part of something great. As Scott Flickinger, Chair of the NIRSA Championship Series and Director of Intramural Sports at the Noyes Community Rec Center at Cornell University, states, “volunteerism and the ability to create and contribute to something greater than yourself provides opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

Twelve regionals mean each tournament will need a full crew—an officials committee to work with all our officials, a competition committee, an operations committee, a media committee, and of course our all-tournament committee. With all our qualified experts leading the way, we promise to provide a premier championship experience in a safe and inclusive environment for all our regional and national participants. “There is a misnomer that only competitive sports professionals can benefit and contribute to these tournaments,” says Scott. “Anyone can apply their talents and be a part of this.” So please don’t be shy, apply today to be a regional director or to be on staff!

Regional staff and director applications aren’t the only ones opening though. We’re looking for our next round of national directors! This year, the NIRSA National Flag Football Tournament heads to Round Rock, Texas. We have a couple hosts this year including St. Edward’s University Campus Recreation, Southwestern University Intramural and Recreational Activities, The University of Texas at Austin Recreational Sports, and our official host partner: the City of Round Rock. We’re excited to have the tournament in a new location and we’re excited to see who will step up and become our assistant directors for the 2019 season!

This year, we’re looking for assistant directors in the following committees: all-tournament, competition, and media relations. We’re also looking to fill our director of officials roles, which means bringing into the fold three people to be our co-directors and assistant director. We’re eager to start the 2019 flag football season off right with new leaders stepping into these roles. “We have so many talented individuals within our membership, and each one of them brings something positive to the table” notes Scott.

Take this next step and be a part of a premier tournament! These great opportunities are knocking. Who’s willing to open the door? Apply today!

  • Regional Flag Football Director Positions – Closes September 6
  • National Flag Football Director Positions – Closes September 6
  • Regional Flag Football Staff Positions – Closes September 13

Other applications on the horizontal to keep an eye out for:

  • Regional Flag Football Official Positions – Opens September 18
  • Nation Flag Football Official Positions – Opens November 1
  • National Flag Football Staff Positions – Opens September 23


  • For more information, please contact Flag Football Work Team Chair Jarrode Davis or NIRSA National Sport Programs Coordinator Nicole Jackson.
National Sport Programs Coordinator at

Nicole Jackson is currently the National Sport Programs Coordinator at NIRSA.