NIRSA owes its success to the leadership of dedicated volunteers—to members who generously donate their time and use their experience in the collegiate recreation profession to support NIRSA members and strategically direct NIRSA’s operations and services. Thanks to these dedicated members, NIRSA continues to offer the best professional development, networking and resources to the collegiate recreation profession.

NIRSA members vote annually via electronic elections to fill positions on the NIRSA Member Network and the NIRSA Board of Directors. Elections recently closed, and the Association would like to thank the members who voted—just over 29%. From the highly qualified slate of inspiring individuals who stood for office to the dedicated members who took time out of their busy schedules to vote, the strength of our Association depends on your voice—and you’ve made it count.

The Association is pleased to welcome our incoming professional and student leaders to positions on the 2019-2020 NIRSA Board of Directors and Member Network beginning on May 1.

NIRSA Board of Directors

President Elect

Cara McFadden, PhD
Elon University

At-Large Director

Derek Hottell, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University

Member Network Professional Positions

Region I Regional Representative

Ryan Hagen, RCRSP
Centers LLC at University of New Haven

Region III Regional Representative

Nicholas Froelich
Centers LLC at Cleveland State University

Region V Regional Representative

Cody Mikl
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Canadian Regional Representative

Tanya Angus
University of Manitoba

Member Network Student Positions

NIRSA Student Leader

Cheyanne Clouse
University of Mississippi

Region I Regional Student Leader

Michael Brito
Rowan University

Region II Regional Student Leader

Juliana Frigerio
University of Alabama

Region III Regional Student Leader

Bailey Adams
Central Michigan University

Region IV Regional Student Leader

Katie Haarmann
University of Arkansas

Region V Regional Student Leader


Region VI Regional Student Leader

Zachary Wallace
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Canadian Regional Student Leader

Judith Owusuaah
York University

Please join us in congratulating our elected leaders!

Run-off election

There was a tie between Julie Johnson and Nick Remmes.  A run-off election launched to the student members of Region V on Friday, February 1 and will close on Thursday, February 7.

Results of proposed bylaw amendments

Six proposed amendments to the NIRSA Bylaws were on the 2019 ballot. Proposed amendments must receive a 2/3 majority of votes to pass.

All but one of the proposed amendments passed. The results for each proposed amendment are below.

Preamble: Mission Statement

Passed, with 69.5% of voters in favor

Article II: Members. Section 2- Admission

Passed, with 88.8% of voters in favor

Article II: Members. Section 4A – Dues and Assessments

Did not pass, with 45% of voters in favor and 55% against

Article V Committees and Volunteer Groups. Section 2A. Standing Committees

Passed, with 89.6% of voters in favor

Article VII – Assembly

Passed, with 89.33% of voters in favor

Article XIV–Robert’s Rules of Order Revised

Passed, with 92.9% of voters in favor

Town Hall about Member Dues at NIRSA 2019

Because the proposed amendment for updating Member Dues parameters did not pass, the NIRSA Board of Directors—in consultation with the Finance Committee and the Bylaws Committee—will be considering options to resolve the issue of the elimination of Portland, Oregon CPI tables from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The Board will consult with members and volunteer leaders in an effort to gather feedback to inform future decisions about how the Association moves forward with Member Dues parameters provided for in the Bylaws..

To gather feedback, the NIRSA Board of Directors will host a Town Hall Session at the 2019 NIRSA Annual Conference on Monday, February 18, 1:00pm-2:00pm in room 311 in the Hynes Convention Center.  Information on this Town Hall will be added to the NIRSA 2019 Guidebook App.

  • For more information about NIRSA Elections, please contact NIRSA’s Senior Director of Operations, Mary Callender.
Director of Recreational Sports at | NIRSA Profile

Leah Hall Dorothy, Ph.D., is currently the Director of Recreational Sports at Oregon State University and serves as the President on the NIRSA Board of Directors; she can be reached by email at