NIRSA’s club basketball league is getting ready for an exciting season! The club basketball league gives students the chance to participate in conference division play that is devoted to facilitating good competition between club teams in their area. In addition to expanded opportunities for club teams, campus recreation professionals and institutions will have the chance to gain relevant career experience and NIRSA hosting experience through the facilitation of play at NIRSA Club Basketball Conference club events.

“The NIRSA Club Basketball Conference promises strong competition and even more exciting play in the upcoming 2016–2017 season! The Club Basketball Conference is continuing to expand, with new divisions in the South and Southwest,” explains Ashley Lax, Assistant Director of Competitive Sports at the University Wisconsin-Madison and Club Basketball Work Team Chair.

“Club teams in the league will get to see new opponents and old rivals, all with the ultimate goal of a trip to the National Basketball Championships hosted by The Ohio State University,” says Ashley. “The Club Basketball Conference has been represented well at the National Basketball Championships in the past. The Women’s Midwest Division champions, the UW-Madison Badgers, took national runner-up last year in the Club Division, so we’re excited to see what the club teams in this year’s conference will do.”

The following teams will be competing in this year’s NIRSA Club Basketball League:

Women’s South Division

Stetson University
Emory University
Georgia Tech
University of West Georgia

Women’s Midwest Division

Bradley University
Grand Valley State University
Iowa State University
Loyola University Chicago
Maryville University
Oakland University
University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Men’s Southeast Division

Jackson State University
Louisiana State University
Stephen F. Austin State University
Texas A&M University


Ashley adds, “The NIRSA Club Basketball Conference aims to provide a competitive environment for club teams with as little administrative and travel commitment as possible. The Club Basketball Conference is set up to be flexible financially for clubs as well! Clubs can expect a high level of play and a high level of student officiating and the always amazing NIRSA Championship Series experience.”


  • For more information, please contact NIRSA National Sport Programs Coordinator Keeley Naughton or NIRSA Club Basketball Work Team Chair Ashley Lax.
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Keeley Naughton is the NIRSA National Sport Programs Coordinator