“Darn! We’re out, but we sure had a lot of fun here at Gonzaga University,” says Allison Peters. “I think we’ll still have one of our riders, Israel Musonda, continue on to maintain his place as the individual top rider. He’s put in almost 550 miles so far.”

A few weeks ago, 155 colleges hopped on their Expresso Bikes to ride as many miles as they could in the annual Fall Frenzy Tournament. These virtual reality bikes automatically record all the mileage so teams can follow along in real time online. Students, faculty, and staff all come together to ride, represent their schools, and take a shot at winning T-shirts, trophies, and cash prizes!

Results from the Electric Eight

The four teams moving into the Fearsome Four round are Schoolcraft College, Saint Mary’s College of CA, Georgia Gwinnett College, and Carnegie Mellon University.

Schoolcraft College – 2,725 miles vs. Marist – 1,141 miles

Saint Mary’s College of CA – 1,332 miles vs. Gannon University – 730 miles

Carnegie Mellon University – 1,234 miles vs. Valparaiso University – 522 miles

Georgia Gwinnett College – 1,556 miles vs. Gonzaga University – 705 miles

Some heavy-hitting colleges from past tournaments didn’t make the cut in the Electric Eight last week. Gannon University made it all the way to the Championship in 2014 but, unfortunately, it hasn’t made it out of the Electric Eight for the past two years.

All-Tournament Champions

Individual riders are competing to be a part of the All-Tournament Team. The top 25 riders throughout the tournament will receive All-Tournament honors and earn a t-shirt. All riders are competing for lottery tickets and one lucky person will win $500! The following people have ridden the most miles throughout the overall tournament so far:

  1. Israel Musonda – Gonzaga University – 546 miles
  2. Tamara Wrone – Schoolcraft College – 511 miles
  3. Mark Cappuccitti – Marist College – 433 miles
  4. Mark Zajicek – Carnegie Mellon University – 414 miles
  5. Jake Fedewa – Schoolcraft College – 400 miles
  6. Caroline Ptaszynski – Gonzaga University – 400 miles
  7. Michael Waldyke – Schoolcraft College – 323 miles
  8. Christopher Genovese – Carnegie Mellon University – 323 miles
  9. Hugh Howlett – Schoolcraft College – 313 miles
  10. Sundae Gaspari – Georgia Gwinnett College – 286 miles
  11. Patrick Casey – Schoolcraft College – 280 miles
  12. Branden Kitchen – Gannon University – 278 miles
  13. Kevin Anthony – Georgia Gwinnett College – 274 miles
  14. Thomas Marshall – University of South Dakota – 273 miles
  15. Andrew Detherow – Georgia Gwinnett College – 268 miles
  16. Christopher Lanoue – University of South Dakota – 266 miles
  17. Christopher McKinnon – Gonzaga University – 263 miles
  18. Randall Damron – Carnegie Mellon University – 235 miles
  19. Billy Smythe – Schoolcraft College – 231 miles
  20. Joe Parlett – University of South Dakota – 221 miles
  21. Matt Todaro – Marist College – 214 miles
  22. Elie Kaadi – Schoolcraft College – 206 miles
  23. James Gartner – Carnegie Mellon University – 205 miles
  24. Jim Seay – Schoolcraft College – 205 miles
  25. Paulo Barelli – University of Rochester – 198 miles

Looking to the Fearsome Four

Schoolcraft College vs. Georgia Gwinnet College

2014 Fall Frenzy Champion Schoolcraft College is up against Georgia Gwinnett College, a newbie to the tournament!

Saint Mary’s College of CA vs. Carnegie Mellon University

Tournament veteran Carnegie Mellon University is taking on last year’s defending champion Saint Mary’s College of CA!

Tune into the Fall Frenzy from October 25–26 to see who moves forward into the next round and even closer to the Championship title and the legendary Golden Spokes trophy!


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