Students are back in rec centers and eager to play ball. So why not spoil them with brand new NIRSA basketballs?

Every NIRSA basketball purchased saves your institution money since they’re being offered at a reduced price over the regular TF-1000™ Classic ZK basketball or the Spalding® TF-500™TF-1000, which do not have the NIRSA logo.

In addition, NIRSA has partnered with Gopher Sport as a preferred provider. This makes ordering easy even as you support the Association with your purchases.  Spalding, who has been a NIRSA Associate Member since 1988, donates some of the ball sales back to the Association. Spalding is also proud to show their support of NIRSA National Championship Series by becoming the Official Basketball of the NIRSA Basketball Championships.

The TF-1000™ represents the best choice for institutional use; the ZK microfiber cover and premium interior construction make this an elite, championship-ready basketball. The TF-500™ offers versatility and durability on a variety of surfaces. Additionally, all Spalding balls are fair trade balls and are produced in accordance with strict guidelines regarding social compliance/corporate social responsibility.

  • For further details about ordering, visit the NIRSA website or Gopher Sport. You may also contact NIRSA Director of Sales and Corporate Relations Heidi Cleary by email or phone: 541-368-5851.
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Heidi Hurley is the Director of Corporate Relations at NIRSA.