Sponsorship Opportunities

Put your brand in front of campus rec decision-makers at NIRSA 2017

  • All Sponsorships are exclusive opportunities unless otherwise specified
  • Sponsorships include multiple channels of recognition: conference website, conference app, conference program booklet, and signage throughout the Annual Conference
  • Additional recognition is dependent upon the sponsorship

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Contact Director of Sales and Corporate Relations, Heidi Cleary: heidi.cleary@nirsa.org, 541-368-5851

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Main Events

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Keynote Speaker

Opening General Session/Keynote Speaker: $5,000

Next to the All-Conference Social, this is the largest gathering place for all attendees and your opportunity to address them personally.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Closing General Session

Closing General Session: $3,500

Wrapping up the Annual Conference, this highly attended event celebrates work accomplished, and connections made over the past few days.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Career Opportunities Center

Career Opportunities Center : $3,500

As the premier job source and career development tool used by NIRSA Members, the COC is a high-traffic area and highly promoted resource at the Annual Conference. Align your brand with NIRSA Members’ professional development and help enhance career-building opportunities.


Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 All Conference Social

All-Conference Social: SOLD » PLAE

This premier kickoff event is a “must attend” among attendees, and one that sets the tone for the week. Use this opportunity to further company exposure by engaging the entire crowd with your company’s message.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 People of Color Social

People of Color Social: SOLD » PLAE

This social provides networking and mentoring opportunities, fosters continued involvement of people of color within the Association, and encourages active participation in various leadership roles within and outside the organization.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 LGBTQI Social

LGBTQI & Friends Social: SOLD » PLAE

LGBTQI & Friends provides networking and support for inclusion and diversity in NIRSA. The social fosters and encourages involvement of the LGBTQI and Friends in the Association.

Preconference Events

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Facility Tours

Preconference Facility Tour(s): $6,000 each

This sell out event will offer two tours that come together for a tour at Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals MLB team. Use this unique opportunity to showcase your company with a DVD/video on the bus ride or to address the attendees in person.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Community Service Project

Community Service Project — Presenting Sponsor: $2,500

NIRSA members will gain a greater appreciation for volunteerism and service to others while giving back and serving the community in the Annual Conference location. The Presenting Sponsor will receive additional recognition through ongoing project promotion in the Annual Conference Program and on the NIRSA website.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Community Service Project

Community Service Project — Supporting Sponsors: $1,000

NIRSA members will gain a greater appreciation for volunteerism and service to others while giving back and serving the community in the Annual Conference location.


Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Creative Excellence Awards

Creative Excellence Awards: $1,500

The Creative Excellence Awards recognize NIRSA Members’ outstanding accomplishments in marketing and advertising for campus recreation programs. Support of this award helps to showcase NIRSA member achievements, share best practices, and set a new standard for marketing in the collegiate recreation profession.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Outstanding Sports Facilities Awards

Outstanding Sports Facilities Award: SOLD » Acer Sports Flooring

The NIRSA Outstanding Sports Facilities Awards recognize the innovative designs of new, renovated, or expanded collegiate recreational facilities of NIRSA Member Institutions.


Sponsor a NIRSA 2017 Attendee Giveaway

Attendee Giveaway – Price varies (up to three sponsored giveaways)

This tangible piece of advertising may include a tote bag, water bottle, journal, or other branded products and is something every attendee will have for years to come.

Sponsored Educational Session: SOLD » F45 Training

We have one opportunity for a company that may have forgotten to submit an Ed session proposal but still wants to!   While we are not looking for sales pitches, this does ensure you are able to present to a captured audience.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Ribbon Wall

Attendee Ribbon Wall: $3,000

NIRSA attendees LOVE their name badge bling! Take this opportunity to meet and greet attendees as they pick up their name badge ribbons from the ribbon wall.

Hotel Key Cards: SOLD » LPA, Inc.

Every guest at the Gaylord National will receive a keycard with your company’s message on it. The key card is something that is looked at many times throughout their stay and will leave an imprint on everyone’s mind.

Name Badge Lanyards: SOLD » Life Fitness

Worn by every registered attendee, lanyards are a great way to get your company noticed each and every day. (Sponsor must supply 3,500 lanyards)

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Pens

Attendee and Registration pens: SOLD » Club Colors

Each NIRSA attendee will see your company when they are given a pen to use throughout the week. Additional pens will be used in the COC, at registration, and in the expo hall. (Sponsor must supply a minimum of 4,000 branded pens)

Technology and Sustainability

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 App

Mobile App: $10,000

This popular app will be branded with your company logo and is seen many times throughout the week. This is the new sustainable way to get programming information for the week right at attendees’ fingertips.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet: $7,500

Internet is a must at every convention! With your companies support, NIRSA will have internet available to all attendees throughout the Gaylord property. The landing page will let everyone know that your company made it possible!

Cell Phone Charging Station Lounge: SOLD » KwikBoost

Conference attendees are busy and don’t always have the chance to recharge their batteries. With a station placed in a prominent location, you will have recognition even if the service isn’t utilized by everyone.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Digital Poster Presentation

Electronic Poster Presentation: $5,000

This special poster presentation is leading a sustainable effort for presentations in the future. Use this opportunity to promote your companies sustainable efforts and advertise at the same time.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Student Lounge and Twitter Screens

Student Lounge & Twitter Screen: $3,000

This informal lounge area is reserved for students who wish to sit down, relax, and chat among each other. The twitter screen in this area would allow your company to advertise throughout all five days.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Twitter Screens

Twitter Screens: $2,500 each

Social Media surrounds us and NIRSA is no exception. Up to five twitter feed screens will be prominently displayed throughout the NIRSA Annual Conference. Sponsorship of a screen allows for video advertising of your company as twitter feeds scroll.

Annual Conference & Exposition Video: SOLD » 2XL

NIRSA will be creating a video recap of the entire conference and exposition. This video will be posted on the NIRSA website and the link will be emailed to membership. The video will be presented by your brand and highlighted in the video.

Expo Hall Happenings

Fitness Forum: SOLD » Life Fitness

Adding to the energy of the Expo Hall, the Fitness Forum is the go-to place to stay active while attending the Annual Conference.  Whether it is yoga, strength and conditioning, or dance aerobics, the professionally led Fitness Forum is the place to sweat and have fun! Gain further exposure with signage above the Fitness Forum.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Ice Cream Social

Expo Hall ice cream social: $3,500

Back by popular demand, attendees will come to the expo hall during unopposed time for an ice cream social. Held during the final hour of expo time, ice cream is sure to make a lasting impression! Your company will receive additional recognition in the Expo Hall and in conference materials.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Coffee Break

Expo Hall Morning Coffee Break: $3,500

Held during the opening hour on the second day, attendees are encouraged to use their free hour to come in and enjoy their morning coffee while exploring the expo hall.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Grab

Expo Hall Grab-n-Go Lunch: $2,500

Help NIRSA keep its tradition of providing grab-n-go lunches for sale in the Expo Hall while getting extra exposure.

Expo Hall Hoop Shoot Event Sponsor: SOLD » The Collaborative Inc.

This is one of the most popular events in the expo hall! Attendees crowd around for their chance to shoot free throws and win prizes.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Hoop Shoot

Expo Hall Hoop Shoot Supporting sponsor(s): $500

This opportunity allows one banner (no larger than 3’x 4’) to be hung around the court area.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Exhibit Hall Floor Plan

Floor Plan: $1,500

The floor plan is viewed by attendees’ time after time prior to and during the NIRSA Annual Conference. You company logo will appear wherever the floor plan appears which includes the NIRSA website, mobile app, and conference program.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 T-Shirt Exchange

T-Shirt Exchange: $1,000

This high-energy “exchange” is a highlight of many attendees. Be recognized for sponsoring a super fun event during unopposed time in the Expo Hall.

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Hoop Shoot

Expo Hall Hoop Shoot in Kind Sponsor: SOLD

All in-kind sponsors must cover shipping and installation costs

Donation of flooring: PLAE
Donation of basketballs and rack: Spalding
Donation of backboard: Porter Athletic
Donation of area netting: Porter Athletic
Donation of scoreboard: Gopher

Banners and Signage Opportunities

ALL pricing includes production of artwork

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Exhibit Hall Entrance Banner

Exhibit Hall Entrance Banner: SOLD » Sasaki Associates

Pricing includes production of artwork

Unified Sports Court Signage: SOLD » MONDO

Pricing includes production of artwork

Sponsor the NIRSA 2017 Stair Decals

Stair decals: $5,000 for first 10 stairs (additional stairs $300 each)

Pricing includes production of artwork

Planter Box frames in registration: $3,000 each

Pricing includes production of artwork

Current Sponsors:

Free Standing double sided die cut tall signs : $2,000 each

Pricing includes production of artwork

Free Standing double sided tall signs: $1,500 each

Pricing includes production of artwork

Bring your own free standing banner: $1,500 each

Pricing includes production of artwork

Ready to Sponsor?

Contact Director of Sales and Corporate Relations, Heidi Cleary: heidi.cleary@nirsa.org, 541-368-5851

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