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Topic Listings

  • Aquatics: Indoor or outdoor water sports, including program, facility, risk management, etc.
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Addresses principles of equality and solidarity in valuing human rights and physical abilities within a broad range of dimensions
  • Executive: Complex content targeted at high-level positions, such as associate director level and above
  • Experiential: Making meaning and learning from direct experience
  • Facility Management, Planning, and Design: Content focused on all aspects of facilities
  • Family / Youth: Programs, equipment, and other factors considered when serving family and youth
  • Fitness: Programs as well as, equipment focusing on fitness development and promotion
  • Global Perspective: Programming for international students on campus and providing/participating in collegiate recreation or professional development opportunities internationally
  • Health / Wellbeing: Promoting techniques and programs that maximize individual potential across the health and wellbeing spectrum
  • Service: Programs and events that benefit local communities and/or provide service learning opportunities to encourage civic engagement amongst participants
  • Small College / Community College: Content directed to small, junior, and community colleges
  • Special Event Programming: Development and delivery of unique events for campuses
  • Sport Clubs: Competitive, instructional, or recreational groups focused on a specific activity for an extended period of time that generally compete against other institutions
  • Strategic Planning: Processes and resources for intentionality and efficiency
  • Student Learning Outcomes: Developing and communicating learning outcomes for participants or employees
  • Sustainable Communities: Creating conditions that will ensure a more economic, social, and environmentally sustainable future
  • Technology: Creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, work place, and the environment