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NIRSA Salary Benchmarking

Update: The Salary Calculator has been re-envisioned on the NIRSA Salary Benchmarking platform.

To participate, a current NIRSA profile is needed. To create a NIRSA profile, please click here. Please note that the link to the Salary Calculator will be removed Jan 1, 2018. For more information on the NIRSA Salary Census, please contact

Informed Consent

By participating in the salary census, participants grant NIRSA permission to use their data to update NIRSA member profiles, to produce reports and/or for other purposes not yet identified. Personal, identifiable information will not be shared or presented in any format. All data will be reported in the aggregate and no data will be shared with third party vendors.  To participate in the current NIRSA Salary Census, please click here.

This tool is a benefit of NIRSA Institutional Membership

The salary benchmarking platform was developed to give NIRSA members a powerful and accurate method of determining typical salaries for positions in the collegiate recreation field.

Access to filters are a benefit of NIRSA Institutional Membership. If your institution is not a member of NIRSA, please contact your department administrator or reach out to

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