Research & Assessment

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Whether you’re advocating the principles of collegiate recreation or seeking funding for a renovation project, we believe there can never be too much information to share.

NIRSA’s Research & Assessment is second-to-none with regards to collegiate recreation, and we continue looking for new ways to grow — and share — our knowledge with you.

Value of Collegiate Recreation

NIRSA Recreational Sports Journal

Recreational Sports Journal

The Recreational Sports Journal is NIRSA’s scholarly publication for sharing empirical, theoretical, and applied research in the field of collegiate recreation.

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NIRSA Emerging Trends

Emerging Trends

NIRSA helps professionals stay on the cutting edge in the collegiate recreation field. Find out how you can benefit from staying ahead of the curve.

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NIRSA Benefits of Collegiate Recreation

Benefits of Collegiate Recreation

Utilize NIRSA’s repository of research in the field of collegiate recreation to support the value of and to improve your recreational programs and services.

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Benchmarking and Assessment Tools


Institutional Data Set

NIRSA’s powerful benchmarking tool provides members with access to current and relevant data on the facilities, programs, and services offered by NIRSA member institutions.

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NIRSA Risk Management Best Practices

Risk Management Best Practices

NIRSA has partnered with risk management experts, SportRisk, to help you find out how your risk management practices compare to the collegiate recreation industry across North America.

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Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education

As a CAS Member Association, NIRSA participates in collaborative projects to achieve our shared goal of fostering healthy learning environments.

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NIRSA Facilities & Construction

Facilities & Construction Reports

NIRSA Member Institutions are innovators and builders. Find out what’s being constructed in the field of collegiate recreation across campuses nationwide.

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NIRSA Salary Benchmarking

NIRSA Salary Census Reports

Salary Reports

Participate in NIRSA’s Salary Census of collegiate recreation profession and view past census reports.

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NIRSA Salary Calculator

Salary Benchmarking

Use the NIRSA Salary Benchmarking platform to see how your salary compares to national values.

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Research Opportunities for Members

NIRSA Grant Program

NIRSA Grant Program

NIRSA’s grant program supports the development and dissemination of research in the field of collegiate recreation.

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NIRSA Peer-to-Peer Research

Peer-to-Peer Research

NIRSA supports ongoing member research. Support for peer-to-peer surveys and research projects is guided by the NIRSA Research & Assessment Committee.

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Research Leadership

Research Advisement

The NIRSA Research Advisement Work Team is available to all professional and student members who may need assistance in developing a research project.

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NIRSA Research Agenda

Research Agenda

NIRSA educates and develops professionals and students through its support and engagement in scholarly research activities that advance the field of collegiate recreation.

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NIRSA Research & Assessment Committee

Research Committee & Charges

NIRSA’s Research and Assessment Committee facilitates access to relevant research and assessment information by enhancing research and assessment resources for the Association.

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NIRSA Data Collection Schedule

Data Collection Schedule

View on-going and upcoming data collection efforts for multiple NIRSA research projects.

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