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Your campus, connected: Be an engagement coordinator!

NIRSA’s Engagement Coordinators play a vital role for the association’s Regional Leadership Team. These volunteer leaders are the grass-roots-level representatives of the association, charged with educating members of their campus community about NIRSA and the many resources and opportunities it has to offer.

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This network of volunteers is tuned-in to the field of collegiate recreation, as well as tapped into—through collaboration with state, provincial, and regional leaders—the association’s upcoming events and latest news. NIRSA Engagement Coordinators serve as a great point of reference on all things NIRSA and campus rec.

In connecting their peers on campus to the larger network of NIRSA members, Engagement Coordinators are instrumental in extending both the reach of the association and in generating new interest in NIRSA membership. In their role, they welcome and encourage involvement among new members, share information about association opportunities and events, and facilitate communication between their respective campus communities and the broader NIRSA leadership.

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This position—filled with motivated, informed and skilled communicators—is a great step for emerging student and experienced professional members alike who are interested in increasing their involvement in NIRSA operations. Serving as an Engagement Coordinator is an excellent opportunity for NIRSA members to invest in their own professional development, while simultaneously supporting the growth of the association.

NIRSA is continually looking to add engaged members to the ranks of Engagement Coordinators. Contact your Regional Representative or Regional Student Leader if you have any questions about volunteering, or simply complete and submit an Engagement Coordinator Interest Form.