Research & Assessment Committee

The NIRSA Research and Assessment Committee was established to foster the culture of research and assessment in collegiate recreation.  The role of the committee is to assist NIRSA in becoming a primary resource for collegiate recreation professionals through access to relevant research and assessment information by enhancing Research and Assessment Communication and Resources for the Association.  In 2011 the NIRSA Board of Directors adopted a research and assessment agenda to serve as a guide for the committee. As a nimble organization responsive to members needs and the success of the Association, the Board, in collaboration with the committee, may at times reprioritize NIRSA’s research and assessment needs.

Erin Patchett, Colorado State University-Fort Collins
Aaron Kroth, University of Wisconsin- Madison
Armand Buzzelli, Robert Morris University
Anne Wilkinson, Temple University
Sean Basso, The University of Tennessee
Heather Sanderson, NC State University
Austin Anderson, University of Southern Indiana
Sandi Carlisle, Northern Illinois University
Jessica Kiss, Michigan State University
NIRSA Headquarters Member
Ruben Guzman, NIRSA

Strategic Goal & Objective(s)

Goal II, Objective 2: Increase the quality, quantity and dissemination of research and data that supports the profession.

The committee is expected to work across the Association to complete these charges.  Many committees may have some overlap with other committees and are encouraged to reach out to other groups to connect the work. Additional charges may be presented to the committee, or by the committee, during the year as new initiatives arise.

Standing Charges

  1. Review and approve requests from members to conduct research using NIRSA’s name and/or database, following the guidelines established and approved by the NIRSA BOD in 2007.
  2. Serve in a consultative role for the NIRSA BOD regarding proposed projects and inform the BOD decision-making process.
  3. Subcommittees may include:
    1. Advisement subcommittee that can help other committees or NIRSA members start their research/assessment projects.
    2. Institutional Data Set subcommittee to review and provide feedback on NIRSA’s IDS platform and reporting mechanisms.
    3. A survey-specific subcommittee that can review and provide feedback on upcoming NIRSA surveys.
    4. Small, Med, Large School subcommittee to review definitions and provide recommendations to update NIRSA’s definitions of these schools.
    5. Research Agenda subcommittee:
      1. Review and update NIRSA’s research agenda as directed in the Exhibit approved by the NIRSA BOD on 4/1/2016.
      2. Provide a yearly report on the research conducted by Association members that relates to the research agenda, to help close the loop and demonstrate the importance of the research agenda.
    6. Research Grant Program subcommittee to review research proposals and make funding recommendations.
  4. For the NIRSA Annual Conference:
    1. Review and select the Research and Assessment award recipients.
    2. Set up a round table for R&A Committee.
  5. Support the CAS collegiate recreation standards update process as needed.
  6. Utilize and keep active the discussion forum and resource library within the Research & Assessment Community of Practice on the NIRSA website as a means of sharing information, resources, and updates to help members stay on top of assessment items; encourage members to share resources from their own campuses and experiences.