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Earn NIRSA Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Credits you earn at education events and through professional involvement may be applied to NIRSA Professional Registry applications and renewals.

NIRSA Continuing Education Units

NIRSA Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

NIRSA Continuing Education Units (CEUs)provide a standard unit of measurement for continuing education and training for collegiate recreational sports professionals.  CEUs are records of education experiences can be earned and used towards Registry applications and renewals.  NIRSA CEUs are assigned to learning experiences where content is based on NIRSA’s Core Competency framework and that meets the required time (.1 NIRSA CEU= 1 hour), instructional design, and evaluation criteria.

Professional Involvement Credits (PICs)

Professional involvement is an important way for professionals to learn and stay current. Professional Involvement Credits (PICs) are not counted towards Registry applications but  are a part of the criteria for renewal in the Professional Registry.

Track CEUs & PICs

Does your session qualify for CEUs?

Any interested member is welcome to submit a proposal for an educational presentation. All NIRSA events that award CEUs must adhere to the following guidelines. If you’re curious to learn more about CEU criteria, please contact NIRSA Director of Professional Development, Kristen Gleason.

  • Identify a Point of Contact. This person will maintain contact with the NIRSA Professional Development Department regarding session proposals and awarding of CEUs to eligible sessions.

  • Familiarize Yourself With What CEU Credits Can Be Earned. For every hour of qualifying educational sessions that fulfill core competency requirements, 0.1 CEU credits can be earned.
  • Maintain Oversight, Consistency and Control. The point of contact agrees to maintain the standard of awarding CEUs based on the model of one CEU is defined as ten contact hours of participation.
  • Provide Proper Learning Environment. The point of contact asserts that the event will maintain a proper learning environment appropriate to the CEUs being awarded.
  • Ensure Relationship to Core Competencies. Each learning event is planned in coordination with one or more of the eight collegiate recreational sports core competencies.
  • Ensure Qualified Instructional Personnel. Instruction shall be provided by a qualified individual(s) based on their education, experience, and expertise as related to the instructional topic.
  • Identify Learning Outcomes. Identify between one and five learning outcomes for each educational session or presentation.
  • Ensure Appropriate Content & Instruction. Learning outcomes will be taught with appropriate content and instruction.
  • Provide Evaluation Mechanism. Provide an evaluation and assessment mechanism for individual educational session or training activity that measures the success of learning outcomes.
  • Conditional Information Transfer. For NIRSA activities only, unless an “opt-out” option is exercised by a presenter, speaker, author, etc., all PowerPoint presentations, articles, handouts, videos, and digital photos, or other similar materials presented at NIRSA events may be used by NIRSA on a non-exclusive basis to further its mission. CIT information must be communicated to potential speakers and educational session presenters through the proposal submission process.

The Registry of Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals

For Members interested in professing their commitment to continuing education and development, registration in the Registry of Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals is the highest formal distinction. Your NIRSA CEUs as well as other educational credits can qualify you for registration or renewal into the Professional Registry. Registered Collegiate Recreational Sports Professionals stand out as leaders in the field who are dedicated to outstanding performance and consistent improvement.

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