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Through a pioneering partnership, York University is helping a community get Gluco-Fit

Colleges and universities across North America are playing a leading role promoting health and wellbeing among their students and even into their communities. York University in Toronto, Ontario is having an impact on the fitness and lifestyle of more than just its students. Serving 53,000 students, York University is the third largest school in Canada […]

Help lay the groundwork for another great year with NIRSA

Spend a few minutes with NIRSA President Stacey Hall to learn more about recent local NIRSA events and about upcoming opportunities to get involved with the Association in the weeks, months, and year ahead.

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Help to plan and deliver the 2017 NIRSA Triventure!

The 2017 NIRSA Triventure won’t happen without the help of generous and dedicated volunteer members! Apply by October 12 to be a part of—and the catalyst for—an outstanding event.

Alberta campus rec centers help residents affected by the Fort McMurray fire

By Emily Hughes

Over the last week and a half, we have watched and listened to the reports of the devastating fire in Fort McMurray, Canada. It is being reported that over 500,000 acres have been torched and the fire is still continuing to burn. The nearly 80, 000 residents of Fort McMurray have been relocated […]

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